"Extraordinary Origins" was an eight person semester-long group project. I spearheaded model making, sketching, and the development of an exhibit elements schedule.

The final illustrative floor plan was developed for the 4,500 square foot space in regards to existing structural conditions such as columns and ramps.

Preliminary sketch- Central rotunda gallery.

Schematic design drawing- Central rotunda gallery.

Final model- Central rotunda gallery with tributary style galleries.

The Asian Gallery showcased the evolution and uniqueness of personal items, such as shoes and hairpins. (group drawing)

Asian Gallery- final model, at 1/4" scale.

South elevation, looking towards "History of Chess", and "Coffee Culture".

preliminary sketch- "History of Chess- a Global Game"

Schematic design drawing.

Final model

Preliminary sketch of Coffee Station multi-media interactive.

Detail of the multi-media station. Ideas and content were developed by education students, I executed detail drawings and material selection based on their requirements.

Photo of "Cafe Culture".

I developed the final keyed floor plan for all museum objects, interactives, and props.

All eight members of the group project developed and abided by a project schedule.

2010- Grad School Work

This eight person group project consisted of Exhibition Design, Museum Education, and Museum Communication students.

Over a period of four months we built upon the rich histories of selected objects from a pre-existing collection at the Ryerss Museum in Philadelphia. Objects included hair pins, shoes, chess pieces, and coffee artifacts.

Rosenwald-Wolfe Gallery, University of the Arts