This exhibition is featured in the Philadelphia History Museum's Community History Gallery and shares the rich stories of the city's LBGT activists for the very first time in a museum venue.

The main draw for the exhibit was to utilize materials from the LGBT William Way Community Center's archives as a resource for photos and objects. These items bring to life historical events and showcase the overall importance of archives as a tool to document gay history in Philadelphia.

The overall look and feel of the exhibit is fresh and upbeat with a touch of whimsy. The ideal response is for visitors to be positively surprised and excited about the events and historical roles in the city's LGBT history.

Objects included clothing, pins, photos, videos, scrapbooks, poems, and a rich collection of periodicals and publications.

A small but quaint floor plan created an intimate space, but still afforded room for the reveal of more rich stories in the center of the gallery.

Numerous elevations helped work out thematic groupings and graphic placement.

In addition to the overall content development and exhibit design, an exhibition graphics package was were produced and prepared for the museum's off site printer.

Exhibit installation.

Every corner offers a unique and private moment to inspect a specific and memorable point of the city's LGBT history.

An historical framed photo from 1953 placed with related drawings and poems creates a rich "mini-story" of one of the LGBT archives' most prized collections.

Quick napkin sketches were used to communicate fabrication needs with the volunteer staff. Never under estimate the power of the quick sketch.

WIth minimal space, thoughtful ways of displaying as many ephemera as possible were developed.

The photo-wall features 36 images of people who have been greatly influential in the city's LGBT community over the past 60 years. This collection of images and captions is the most popular element in the exhibit.

Visitors have the opportunity to contribute their own reactions and stories to the archives by writing comments and submitting into the wardrobe drawers.

2013-Private Lives in Public Spaces

Philadelphia History Museum

Content Developer, Exhibit Designer, Graphic Designer, Installer, Project Manager
Independent contractor for the Philadelphia History Museum
Project Management, Graphic and Exhibition Design