Gary Clarke, a dear friend and the inspiration behind the entire project. Gary led over 145 safaris from Topeka to Africa.

2018-Camp Cowabunga at the Topeka Zoo

Director Emeritus of the Topeka Zoo, Gary Clarke, was one of the first members of the American Zoological Association and ran the zoo for decades. Continuing his love nature and particularly Africa after his retirement, he led over 145 African Safaris. Camp Cowabunga celebrates the spirit of the safari, in Gary’s honor. The exhibit is highly interactive both indoors and out- including a roaring rock, bush loo with scat facts, real Land Rover, bucket shower, roar-o-meter and even a hot air balloon ride. Inside, the exhibit features several hands-on and media interactive focusing on animal care within the zoo, and animal care and wildlife conversation on the ground. This project provides a source of inspiration for all and imparts the power of tourism to drive wildlife and cultural preservation.

Exhibit Designer, Project Manager
Studio Tectonic Design Firm, Topeka Zoo Capitol Campaign Project