Exhibition Perspective View

Rich graphics convey dynamic images of the exciting region

Actual silo interior as part of agricultural thematic section

Historic fur trapper area layout.

Historic fur trapper artifacts in situ.

Rear wall is an activity idea show case ranging from summer at the left to winter at the right.

Visitor information wall graphic.

High level of object / cabinetry coordination.

Exhibit theming visual references for fabrication.

Ceiling mounted graphic coordination in the visitor center lobby.

Exhibit thematic area bubble plan.

Development of artifact matrices from numerous long term lenders and private collections.

2014-Teton Geotourism Center

The Teton Geotourism Center is for visitors who drive along southeastern Idaho’s beautiful scenic byways. This exhibit highlights cool contemporary activities that visitors can do during their stay in the area, and engages visitors in immersive historical environments that celebrate the rich and fascinating history of Idaho’s earliest settlers. This 1,600 square foot exhibit was developed and designed by Studio Tectonic and the City of Driggs, Idaho under the supervision of Plan 1 Architects.

Exhibit Designer, Graphic Designer
Studio Tectonic Design Firm, City of Driggs, Idaho